Updated date Aug 29, 2017

Please refer to the Office Depot Calendar Reference list when ordering your 2018 calendars.

Updated date Aug 11, 2017

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Updated Supplier Guide

Click here to view updated Holiday Schedule 2017.

Updated date Aug 11, 2017

Laurie Kersten is the Sr. Site Specialist for Fisher Scientific at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Laurie shares the following instructions on using quotes for an order:

It is quite easy to place an e-Shop order using a Fisher Scientific quote.   No need to use the eShop non catalog order form.

From eShop punch out to the Fisher website and from the drop down box on the right side of the page, go to quotes.

Updated date Aug 07, 2017

Please see the updated Matheson Supplier Guide for directions on proper ordering procecures which will ensure your delivery according to the new schedule.

Updated date Aug 03, 2017

New Website Design Implemented
See Site Help or the Help option in the lower left

corner of the screen for more information on using

the new website.  The Supplier Guide instructions

remain the same and can be found here.