Updated date Dec 16, 2016

Kurt J. Lesker Company is a new eSHOP punch-out supplier providing custom vacuum equipment and parts specifically designed for scientific testing and research.  Please view the supplier guide for order processing details and company contact information.  Hollis Anderson (472-6308 or is the commodity specialist available for university support.

Updated date Nov 15, 2016

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. has been selected as UNL’s Prime Supplier for Plumbing Supplies through a formal bid process.  Now, you can place orders with Ferguson by utilizing the punch-out catalog via eSHOP.  (Click here to see supplier guide.)

Updated date Nov 03, 2016

The CDW-G Supplier Guide includes the following updates:
University Account Number is corrected and 
new contact information provided.
Click here to see supplier guide. 

Updated date Oct 05, 2016

The Supplier Guide has been updated.

Free Shipping with orders over $35.00.

Updated date Sep 20, 2016

Announcing the New eSHOP Website!

Our new website has been updated, streamlined, and formatted to meet user needs.  Click here to view.

Take note of the new sections:  Gaining Access, Shopping, Super Users, Updates and Support. 

Under Shopping, the Purchasing Decision Tree has been automated to guide you to the best system for your order.