Updated date Oct 26, 2017

The Home Depot Supplier Guide has been updated. Find out the contact information for the new Account Manager.

Updated date May 25, 2017

No Interruption in Service or Contract
View press release.

Updated date May 09, 2017

Waters, Corp. is a new enabled supplier for eSHOP.  They supply Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and Purification instruments, along with the supporting supplies and reagents for the instruments.  Waters in also part of the E & I consortium discounted pricing. 

Check out the Waters Supplier Ordering Guide!

Please contact Hollis Anderson at or 472-6307 for more information.

Updated date Apr 18, 2017

Want to view discount pricing with Kurt J Lesker? 

View the updated supplier guide to learn how!

Updated date Apr 13, 2017

eSHOP was upgraded to version 17.1 on 4/9/2017.

For more information see Upgrade Enhancement.