April 27, 2016 Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday at 1:00pm

EC Union - Goldenrod/Sunflower Room

Nicole McCoid
Minutes Recorded By: 
Martha Young


  • Introduction
  • Presentation – IT Procurement
  • Updates
  • Communication
  • Survey
  • Change Orders
  • Planning


Super User Attendees

  • Amy Stewart
  • Andrew Loseke
  • Breana Garretson
  • Candy Bailey
  • Claire Schwinck
  • Connie Reed
  • Deb Dahlke
  • Erin Swanson
  • Gina Hotovy
  • Haley Hamel
  • Helen Borer
  • Jami Hagedorn
  • Jamie Long
  • Janice Brown
  • Jay Schluckebier
  • Jenny Schnase
  • Jie Li
  • Karen Standley
  • Kendra Ellis
  • Kimberly Schaaf
  • Lee Manns
  • Lori Kuker
  • Maggie Van Diest
  • Mary Klucas
  • Mary Ramsier
  • Megan Haugerud
  • Nicole Blackstock
  • Patricia DeStefano
  • Rhonda Zugmier
  • Robert Hahn
  • Rosalinda Ramirez
  • Ruth Polacek
  • Sharon Burkel
  • Susan Burbank
  • Susan Holsteen
  • Tamera Ward
  • Thomas Becker
  • Wanda Wood
  • Wendy Duerfeldt Schutte

Absent Super Users

  • Ashley Bessmer
  • Barbara Starks
  • Derek Simonsen
  • Lori Bennett Baumli
  • Rene Barfoot
  • Renee Hagerman
  • Shelley Reed

Meeting Notes

Presentation / Q&A -  IT Procurement & Dell

  • Claudette Biskup, Sourcing Manager IT Procurement Services
  • DJ Sayles, Dell Representative for the University of Nebraska
  • Supplier Guide Handouts Provided
    • Dell / B&H / CDW-G / HP / Newegg / GovConnection
      • Can also be found on eSHOP Home page under eSHOP Resource links >Supplier Ordering Guides.
  • Super User Concerns for Dell
    • Prices Do Not Match Consumer Pricing.
      • Capabilities of commercial/work computers are different from computers for home use.
      • Work load capability – Commercial computers are designed for a completely different work load than a home computer.
      • Hinge configuration for laptops – Commercial use allows for the lid to be opened multiple times during a 10 – 12 hour period daily. 
      • Components used to build computer components such as motherboards and hard drives.
      • Life Cycles – Commercial computers are designed with a 12-15 month life cycle so IT can purchase same computers with commercial drivers.  Home computers do not provide the consistency in life cycle and have a quicker turn around.
      • Consumer class devises – Contain trial versions of software. 
    • Customer Relations Are Not Good
      • Dell likes to come on campus and is here to help resolve issues.  It’s best to start with Claudette Biskup so she is aware of continuing and new issues. 
      • Dell is in the process of changing in their account team and is working on providing a strong inside team for the University.  He will contact Claudette when this is in place.  An update will be sent to Super Users.
    • Dell Contract Benefits
      • No Shipping Charges
      • Professional Support team – our team is for commercial use computers.  This is not the same team you would access for your home computer needs. Our contact, Claudette Biskup has five different contacts on the support team available to assist with any issues UNL end users may experience.
      • Dell has 50 – 60 people on the support team for the University.
      • Dell should have the best price 99% of the time.  Keep in mind the differences in products.
    • Current Issues
      • Dell is aware of some issues regarding the purchase of dual monitors.  The price that is brought back into the cart does not match.  The order sent to Dell is okay but it is causing issues with invoices.  If you have this issue, contact Claudette Biskup so she can follow up on your order with Dell.
      • Concerns regarding shipping label.  Examples to be sent to Nicole McCoid for review and correction.
    • New Standards
      • IT Standards have changed; i7’s are now a global standard. Ship within a 24 – 48 hour period after they are ordered.   DJ states he is here to help fix whatever issues we may be experiencing. 
      • Front page of Dell punch-out catalog has the IS standards configured with i7’s being standard.  This lists 15 standards or you can view all to see all 35 options.
  • UNL Software
    • Contact IT Procurement for information about software.
    • Schedule for next Super User Meeting presentation.
      • Adobe Questions about pricing, price changes, and challenges.
      • Cross Reference Documentation for 43# and ST#.
      • MS fees – timing for charges, process improvement.
      • Ordering process and pricing.
  • Newegg
    • Many order issues, IT Procurement may remove them from eSHOP for UNL campus.  Nicole requested feedback from the Super Users.
    • Recommended other suppliers; GovConnection, B & H, CDW.
  • B & H
    • Requested additions to catalog for complete product listing for B & H to resolve some of the order issues.  The additions would be needed to transition from Newegg to B&H.
    • Procurement reviewing which buyer should manage, IT or Roger Spiehs.
    • Working to add holiday schedule to the supplier guide.


  • System Upgrade Issues
    • Approver Pop Up Warning
      • The following email message was sent out to all Super Users on 4-13-16 to forward to the eSHOP users within their departments.



A recent unexpected change occurred as part of the 16.1 Release that went live this past Sunday, April 10th.  A pop up warning notice now appears when an approver accesses an approval email and clicks on the take action button.

Meeting Notes Issue


The notice is for information purposes only and does not affect cart actions or data provided to suppliers.  To bypass the warning, click outside the box which will cause it to disappear.


A fix has been requested from SciQuest but a clear date has not yet been assigned.  Super Users will be updated as information becomes available.


  • Blanket PO Test
    • Currently testing a Pepsi Blanket PO.  So far, five invoices /credits have been applied and process is working well.  Super Users were encouraged to look at the Blanket PO as an example of what the system is capable of providing. 


  • Requestor Access Workflow
    • Handout provided and workflow steps discussed in detail.
        • Financial Approvers now receive a notification email from SAPPHIRE for Requestor access changes/training.
        • IANR requested Division managers are notified instead of Financial Approver (Carol Cartwright).
    • If an end user granted access does not attend the eSHOP Requestor training access will be removed.
  • Training Requirements
    • Shopper Role
      • SAPPHIRE access request needed.
      • Training documentation available on-line.
      • Department training provided by Super User or other designated users to provide specific department workflow of orders and receipts, set up of assignment of carts and review of department rules. 
      • Assistance available for Department Shopper training.  Set up time with Nicole McCoid to assist with creation of department training or to provide training to group/department/college.
    • Requestor Role
      • SAPPHIRE access request NOT needed.
      • Sign up for required training at training.unl.edu
      • Access provided before class for prework and review.
        • See Requestor Access Workflow Handout
        • Reduces class time.
        • Supports time to collect departmental needs before training.
        • Provides ability to set up Profile in class to return to work ready to place orders.
        • “Hub” for assistance to Shopper/Approver.
    • Approver Role
      • SAPPHIRE access request NOT needed.
      • Training documentation available on-line.
      • Email Nicole McCoid with requested Approver changes.  Include cost object numbers and position# for changes to be made.
        • Request will be routed through Financial Approvers before changes are made.
        • New form being tested for improved workflow.


  • Department Workflow Discussion
    • Great feedback and team problem solving opportunity!
      • Super Users shared options for routing IT related orders in eSHOP.
      • Claire Schwinck and Nicole McCoid to review and discuss options in further detail.



  • Browser Issues
    • Questions regarding recommended browsers.
      • See Browser information.  Link can be found on the Announcements area on the Home Page of eSHOP.
      • Firefox updates often causing pop-up blockers to be reset.


  • eSHOP/SAP Procurement Help Desk Phone #
    • All calls will route to 472-9200. 
    • Still have the Procurement Services main line 472-2126 if they need to contact the buyers or have general procurement questions.


  • Department Network
    • A list of eSHOP Roles can be provided in a spreadsheet format for departments.  Send your request via email to Nicole McCoid along with Org Unit numbers (ex. 50000000).
  • Department Presentations
    • PowerPoint not being used to share with departments.
    • Super Users requested a memo format that they can adapt and send to their end users.
  • Announcements / System Issues / System Changes 
    • Super Users requested notifications be routed through them for dissemination to their areas rather than a mass email to the campus. 


  • Survey Results
    • Feedback from Super Users appreciated.
    • Changes to several questions will be completed before providing to all end users.
    • Super users suggested end of July for campus survey.
    • Super users suggested 10 days to complete survey.
    • Flyer with details will be sent to the Super Users to share with their end users.

Change Orders

  • SAP Change Order Requests Transitioning to eSHOP
    • Testing completed by various Super Users.
      • Super Users shared that change orders are not that time consuming and pretty easy.  Several felt the turn-around process was faster than when submitting a request via email.
      • Super Users shared concerns about complicated large orders.  Discussion with group about exceptions to the process where email could still be used.
    • No Required Entry Date/Deadline determined
      • Discussion to continue at next meeting.
      • Majority of Super Users okay with proceeding to move all SAP PO change requests to eSHOP with the knowledge that our work is not done and further improvements are needed.
        • Change allows for multiple people in Procurement Office to process.
        • Requests will not sit in an email waiting for return of Procurement staff from vacation/sick leave.
        • Allows for review of change order types for possible workflow changes.
        • Increases in PO amount routes to Financial Approver for approval and allows for adjustment to ledger/budget.
        • Comments can be kept in eSHOP for progress.
        • Request is kept in electronic history with a reference number.
        • End user is notified when change is completed through comments which generates notification email and is stored in history.
        • Attachments can be added to change orders at the header level of the cart.

Miscellaneous Discussion

  • eSHOP Information on Server
    • Back-up is provided by SciQuest to insure data is not lost.
  • eSHOP Invoices
    • Super Users voiced frustration with the Accounting process and invoice issues.  Examples included invoices that were not paid timely or required several requests for follow up on payment.
    • Discussed request to invite Accounting/AP to present at a future Super User meeting.
  • eSHOP Open PO’s
    • Working with College of Engineering to review types of occurrences.
      • Example – Invoice paid complete, SAP closed but eSHOP still open.
  • Nicole McCoid will share findings when review is complete for discussion about improvements.


  • Next Meeting
    • Super Users suggested the meeting be scheduled within the last two weeks of July. Doodle Poll will be sent to get best day/time for group.
    • Details will follow with determined time and place.
    • FY17 Theme moved to July meeting agenda.