February 24, 2016 Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday at 1:30pm

Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center – Ubuntu Rm 202

Nicole McCoid
Minutes Recorded By: 
Martha Young


  • Introduction
  • Special Speaker:  Kim Phelps – Associate VC Bus & Finance
  • Recognition of Advisory Group
  • Review Super User Role
  • Training Changes
  • Forms & Testing
  • System Upgrades
  • Planning


Super User Attendees

  • Amy Stewart
  • Andrew Loseke
  • Barbara Starks
  • Breana Garretson
  • Candy Bailey
  • Claire Schwinck
  • Connie Reed
  • Deb Dahlke
  • Erin Swanson
  • Gina Hotovy
  • Haley Hamel
  • Helen Borer
  • Jami Hagedorn
  • Jamie Long
  • Janice Brown
  • Jay Schluckebier
  • Jenny Schnase
  • Jie Li
  • Karen Standley
  • Kendra Ellis
  • Kimberly Schaaf
  • Lee Manns
  • Lori Bennett Baumli
  • Lori Kuker
  • Maggie Van Diest
  • Mary Klucas
  • Mary Ramsier
  • Megan Haugerud
  • Nicole Blackstock
  • Patricia DeStefano
  • Rene Barfoot
  • Rhonda Zugmier
  • Robert Hahn
  • Rosalinda Ramirez
  • Ruth Polacek
  • Sharon Burkel
  • Susan Burbank
  • Susan Holsteen
  • Tamera Ward
  • Thomas Becker
  • Wanda Wood
  • Wendy Duerfeldt Schutte

Absent Super Users

  • Ashley Bessmer
  • Derek Simonsen
  • Renee Hagerman
  • Shelley Reed

Guest Attendees

  • Alan Muthersbaugh

Meeting Notes

Decision Tree Feedback

  • Small $ Purchases – Would like to use eSHOP but the Decision Tree pushes most of specific department’s small dollar purchases to the PCard which involves extra paperwork.  Others are using it for smaller dollar amounts.  Is it okay to use non-catalog order form for smaller dollar amounts?
    • Will need to discuss with Accounting / Procurement Data Analysis Group.
    • Rush Orders - Items needed quickly but end user doesn’t always have time to check with buyer on pricing or bundling with other orders.  Is it okay to use the PCard when they have this situation? 
      • Yes, if purchase must be expedited and falls within PCard guidelines. Department responsibility for justifying need.

Supplier Development

  • Dietz Music – Request Dietz be added to the portal.
    • Buyer will review spend and advise if good candidate for portal process.
    • B & H - Would like to see the full catalog that is available from their website which is broader than Audio Visual equipment and includes computer related items.  Website is cheaper so they use PCard.
      • Buyer is currently working with supplier to expand offerings.  Updates will be given at next meeting.
    • Dell - Prices do not match consumer pricing and does not have good customer relations. 
        • Procurement IT scheduled to address concerns at next Super User Cabinet meeting.
        • GovConnection – Rob has great customer service. 
        • Newegg - Prices do not match consumer pricing and does not have good consumer relations.  Newegg observes Jewish holidays.  Could a list be provided of expected closed dates so departments can plan orders?
          • Procurement IT scheduled to address concerns at next Super User Cabinet meeting.
          • Watch for buying schedule to be added to new Procurement IT website.
    • Office Depot – Customer service does not know who UNL is…their customer service is not aware of eSHOP.
      • Buyer will discuss with sales rep. to work on improvements.
      • Suggest referencing account number found on supplier guide until more information can be provided.
    • Amazon - Would like to see this added to eSHOP.  Amazon is always cheaper for books.
      • Currently under review by Procurement.  Amazon does not yet have blocking capability for refurbished items to protect our end users.  BusinessPrime account in test at UNK.  Will provide updates about Amazon progress at future meetings. 
      • Internal Sales – How can 43# and ST# be cross referenced in SAP?  Is there a way to charge for MS fees at the time an item is purchased instead of waiting for it to be charged later?  How can the process be improved?  Would like to walk through process and discuss pricing.
        • Working on cross reference documentation.  To provide when available.
        • Procurement IT scheduled to address concerns at next Super User Cabinet meeting.


  • Goods Receipts – How many emails are sent out?
    • 6 emails to end user before being escalated to Procurement for follow up.
  • Access & Training -
    • Shopper – Training not required.  Resources online. 
    • Requestor – Training required, register for class and access will be given before training.  
    • Approver – Email Nicole McCoid with cost object and personnel# for change/add.
  • How can Business Managers pull a report to see Shopper /Requestor /Approver roles for their areas?
    • Reporting is from the ZSSEC screen in SAP.  If you do not have access, Nicole McCoid can run the report for you.  You need only to send an email with your ORG ID#’s.
  • Buyer Assistance – Available for supplier/pricing/bid/contract questions.
  • Phone path – Option (1) Help Desk (2) Buyer
    • Confirmed this was easy for end users and they liked choices are simple/fast. 
  • Comparison Search in eSHOP – Pull items that are available from six places but still doesn’t get what they wanted. 
    • Discussed difference between Hosted / Punchout
    • Pull items into cart for comparison; delete the ones you do not want.
    • What listserv groups are available for scientific end users to share and compare information?
      • To seek out Hollis Andersen – Scientific Buyer for more information about networking with UNO/UNMC/UNL.  Upcoming Scientific show in May.  More details to come.

System Development

  • Email Notices - When there are splits to cost objects in eSHOP, it is difficult to know how the amount is split out for each email.
    • Suggestion – Enter a note in “Internal Notes” field that breaks out the cost object amounts.  The note will show up on the Approver’s email and will give them the information they need to review for approval.
    • Will add to system development requests list on web and review with UNCA for updates. 
  • Email Workflow – It would be nice to have the requestor included on emails for the shopper since the shopper must currently forward the information to the requestor. 
    • Suggestion – Internal workflow process requirement.  Rene Barfoot gave example of how her department trains their shopper to send documentation to requestor.
    • Will add to system development requests list on web and review with UNCA for updates. 
  • Requestor Training & Access Requests - Would like to see a confirmation email for those people requesting requestor access.
    • Discussed and confirmed process change with UNL Security Coordinator.  Notification email will be sent to Financial Administrator when Requestor Training/Access is requested.
  • Phone Number Survey to be sent to Super Users only.
    • Which phone number do they prefer?
      • To complete before next meeting.
  • Account Code – Can a change be made to remove extra step of having to “Recalculate/Validate” values then enter the GL and “Recalculate and Save”?
    • Will add to system development request list on web and review with UNCA for updates. 
  • FY 17 Theme – Will be requesting Super User feedback for new eSHOP theme.  Communications will use the theme and formatting.  Will work toward announcing in July 2016.



  • Change Orders – Would end users approve of moving all change orders to eSHOP?  This would mean change requests for SAP 45POs would need to be entered into eSHOP using the Change Order Form.
    • Majority said yes.  Several Super Users will begin using the change order form for both eSHOP/SAP changes and will report back at the next meeting.
  • Vendor Request Form – Have end users used this form?  Any feedback?
    • Several have used the form with positive results.  Turn time for processing has been reduced.  Estimate 1 week or less depending on when submitted, buyer approval, and supplier review and processing.
  • Approver Assignment Form – New form in test phase.  The form will allow for a more formalized record of requests to change/add/delete approvers in eSHOP.  Will need to discuss with Financial Approvers for testing.
  • Blanket Order Form – New functionality being tested by all campuses.  Requested volunteers to test form in Phase 2.

Department Workflow Review

  • Connie Reid – NET follow up to help eliminate the excess paper for approval.  Shopper gives paper order to Connie and then she enters the order currently. 
    • Look at assigning order to Connie to remove paper/manual process.
  • Mary Klucas – Arts & Sciences follow up Shopper paper approval from supervisor prior to requestor entry.
    • Look at shopper assigning cart to Supervisor who then enters a comment of approval and assigns to requestor.  Removes paper and streamlines process.


  • 16.1 Release – Small updates
    • Moving Action Items/Notifications at header to icons. 
    • New font and layout for emails. 
    • More information to follow.  Updates to Super Users will be provided.
  • Survey – will send to all eSHOP users. 
    • Discussed possible questions, total of 10. 
    • Suggested one question for each role: shopper, requestor and approver. 
    • Keep anonymous. 
    • “Dangle the carrot” and enter names for prizes to be drawn if they complete the survey.
  • Meeting Schedule – Would group like to meet 2x, 3x per year?
    • Super Users would like to meet every other month for now and will review at a later date.
    • Next meeting end of April or early May on East campus.
    • PowerPoint presentation to be shared with super users for discussion in their dept. mtgs.