September 29, 2016 Meeting Minutes

September 29, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Thursday at 3:00pm

Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center - Unity Room 212

Nicole McCoid
Minutes Recorded By: 
Martha Young



  • Q&A - Accounts Payable – Jo Bialas
  • Announcement - Supplier Showcase – Maggie Witt
  • eSHOP Updates
  • New eSHOP Website
  • Survey – Review Responses
  • Communication
  • Planning


Super User Attendees

  • Amy Stewart
  • Andrew Loseke
  • Ashley Bessmer
  • Deb Dahlke
  • Erin Swanson
  • Jami Hagedorn
  • Karen Standley
  • Kimberly Schaaf
  • Lee Manns
  • Lori Bennett Baumli
  • Lori Kuker
  • Maggie Van Diest
  • Mary Ramsier
  • Nicole Blackstock
  • Patricia DeStefano
  • Rene Barfoot
  • Robert Hahn
  • Susan Holsteen
  • Tamera Ward
  • Thomas Becker
  • Wanda Wood
  • Wendy Duerfeldt Schutte

Absent Super Users

  • Barbara Starks
  • Breana Garretson
  • Claire Schwinck
  • Connie Reed
  • Derek Simonsen
  • Haley Hamel
  • Helen Borer
  • Jamie Long
  • Jay Schluckebier
  • Mary Klucas
  • Megan Haugerud
  • Renee Hagerman
  • Sharon Burkel
  • Shelley Reed
  • Susan Burbank

Guest Attendees

  • Maggie Witt - Director of Procurement Services
  • Jo Bialas - Director of Business Operations

Meeting Notes

 Presentation/ Q&A – Accounts Payable

  • Jo Bialas – Director of Business Operations (Financial Services)
    • Handouts – Accounts Payable Timeline
    • Accounts Payable volume times are: April, May, June & July
    • They process approximately 150,000+ invoices per year and average approximately 400-500 invoices processed per day, but have processed up to 1,000 a day during peak months.
    • Invoices distributed involves a few more steps in eSHOP
      • Super Users would like to understand more about the differences of processing an invoice in SAP compared to eSHOP.  Possible discussion for future meeting.


  • Q:  Accounting receives a copy of the invoice, can invoice be attached in eSHOP?  (Tom Becker) 
    • A:  (Jo Bialas) AP does not have the staffing to attach invoices.  Also, documentation is not required past seven years.  There is no way to purge the attachments in eSHOP.
    • A:  (Nicole McCoid)  In the release 15.3, we were given the ability to purge documents over 5 years old.  We do not purge attachments in SAP so eSHOP should follow the same protocol.  Both systems allow attachments but are not mandated in either system.  We do not have a system of record for document management.


  • Q:  Invoices need to be available to allow verification of amount invoiced to ensure that billing is not higher than original amount.  How can an invoice be available for employee relocations?  (Tom Becker)
    • A: (Jo Bialas) AP will contact Tom to come up with a plan to get the invoices to him.


  • Q:  There seems to be a disconnect with emailing invoices to AP.  Erin has copied numerous people in Accounting but the invoices have not been processed.  Why is sending invoices via email an issue?  (Erin Swanson)
    • A:  (Jo Bialas) Please forward all invoices to: as they have several people who check that email and route to the appropriate person to process.  Use transaction code: ZAPL to look up invoices in SAP to see if invoice has been paid.


  • Q:  Are there restrictions on cost objects loaded in eSHOP?  What about plant funds?  (Karen Standley)
    • A:  (Nicole McCoid)  All cost objects are available in eSHOP. 
    • A:  (Jo Bialas) Plant fund orders should be purchased outside of eSHOP.  Accounting manages the plant funds. 
      • Q:  An order was accidently entered and paid within eSHOP.  Could the process be changed to purchase using plant funds in eSHOP? (Karen Standley)
        • A: (Jo Bialas) Further discussion needed.


  • Q: How are Approvers assigned to cost centers in eSHOP? (Maggie Van Diest)
    • A: (Nicole McCoid) In SAP ZFIEL screen, Approver position numbers are added to a matrix.  Then eSHOP updates with an overnight sync.


  • Q:  Why are all suppliers not entered into eSHOP?  (Rob Hahn)
    •  A: (Nicole McCoid) Suppliers entered into eSHOP are reviewed more closely to ensure that they meet UNL requirements.  Refer to the Purchasing Decision Tree.  The Procurement Strategic Team has specific requirements for suppliers to meet before being added to eSHOP.
      • Comments:  It would be easier for users if everything could be kept in eSHOP.  (Rob Hahn/Pat DeStefano)
      • (Maggie Witt) Further discussion with Rob to be scheduled. 


  • Q:  Why are foreign suppliers not processed in eSHOP? (Numerous)
    • A: (Jo Bialas) The challenges with processing invoices through eSHOP for foreign suppliers is due to exchange rates.
    • A: (Nicole McCoid) Foreign suppliers are being reviewed.  We are aware of over 109 foreign suppliers that have been added to eSHOP by UNMC.  We are in the process of discussing how to handle them here at UNL.

Supplier Showcase – Maggie Witt

  • Supplier Showcase is October 18th at the City Union.  There will be breakout sessions throughout the day.  All are encouraged to attend and meet suppliers.
    • Breakout sessions will be 20/30/45 minute sessions which include:
      • Sustainability
      • Adobe
      • Contracts - Easier ways to manage in departments
      • Procurement - new website, SciQuest App, Quick Tips (volunteers needed)

eSHOP Updates

  • SciQuest App
    • Test Volunteers - Andrew Loseke / Erin Swanson
    • Testing will include creating carts through the app to check for functionality.  Feedback needed on how the app looks, runs, and user likes/dislikes. Also, requesting feedback for training guide.
  • Apple VPP Form
    • Manual form moved to electronic workflow for U-wide use.  Still in creation phase. 
  • Printing Promotions Form
    • Testing needed – Please send email to Nicole McCoid to volunteer.
  • New Suppliers in Queue
    • U-wide set up going through approvals first or second week of October.

Survey Feedback

  • Who is your Super User?  Over 200 respondents were not sure.  Please communicate your availability to those in your college/department.
  • 2500+ people using eSHOP
  • 20% response rate for survey.  Anything over 10% is a positive rate.
  • Supplier Guides – 55% respondents didn’t know they existed.  What does this percentage reflect?
    • Easier to ask someone than to look up information.
    • Intuitive system so instruction not needed (ex. Office Depot)
  • Training Resources – 55% know resources are available but do not use them.
    • Resources created specifically for user.  Let us know your needs to improve available resources and grow usage.
    • Functionality
      • Email notification 24%
      • New Vendor Requests 19%
      • Miscellaneous 28%
  • Improvement Projects
    • Identify key goals for Super Users to assist with:
      • Supplier - Pricing visibility
        • Electronics – Six different sites some hosted, some punch-out.  It makes it difficult to compare pricing.  If not hosted it doesn’t pull all pricing. (Rob Hahn)
    • System - Punch-out challenges
    • Email - Reduce number of emails from eSHOP
    • Searching
      • Not all vendors show as option in Shop at the top. Frustration. (Erin Swanson)
  • (Maggie Witt) - In order to re-create the reported issues, please provide details to help resolve.


  • Change Order Routing
    • Memo to be created and sent to end users regarding new process for routing. Route all changes through eSHOP by January 1, 2017.
  • Website 
    • Super User projects will be added to the list.
    • Amazon (Maggie Witt)
      • Super User feedback/questions requested.
        • Order books for the Library.  Example: Complete book price $280 /Amazon $90 they’re going to order from Amazon.  Good delivery timeline.  PCard use. (Maggie Van Diest)
        • Amazon will deliver directly to his office and they receive everything within two days. (Tom Becker)
  • Amazon for Business – Purchasing U-wide Task Force is testing it. 
  • Suggest set up like  They could electronically charge to their cost objects. (Pat DeStefano)
  • B&H Catalog
    • Discussed need to access B & H full catalog.  Users are limited what they can purchase. (Erin Swanson)
    • Limit to quantities – Restrictions on contract. (Nicole Blackstock)
  • Newegg Catalog
    • Pricing is better but they have issues with quantities.  (Gov)Connection available to consider as a substitute with better customer service. (Wendy Duerfeldt Schutte)
  • Next Super User Meeting
    • Question regarding meeting location.  Show of hands for which campus Super Users were from.  Majority from City campus so will have several meetings at City campus and then one at East campus. (Tom Becker)
    • Doodle poll will be sent out to select best date/time to schedule next meeting.