e-Procurement for the University of Nebraska

UNL Procurement Services worked with the purchasing departments of UNO, UNK, UNMC and UNCA to create an electronic, one-stop shopping system for the University of Nebraska System. This system allows UNL to:

  • Purchase products at the best possible price
  • Track spending to negotiate contracts with high volume vendors
  • Streamline the ordering process with an electronic workflow
  • Provide departments with reporting and approval processes to help with budgeting and spend management.

Nebraska eSHOP is now LIVE on UNL's Campus.  Our regular training schedule will continue throughout the year on a monthly basis.

eSHOP Rewards Program Nomination Form

Recognize a co-worker who is a positive example for eSHOP.  Fill out the nomination form here. Nominees have the chance to receive goodies from our eSHOP enabled suppliers.