eSHOP contains many types of suppliers. Each supplier determines how their products appear in eSHOP and how to interact with them.

Catalog Types

An electronic form of a supplier's printed catalog. Pricing is updated on a scheduled basis. Items in hosted catalogs can be easily searched for and/or compared using “Shop at the Top” and can also be added to Favorites lists.

A link to a supplier's web‐based catalog. From within eSHOP you will "punch-out" to the supplier website and shop for your items. When you check out your selections transfer to eSHOP. All product and pricing information is maintained on the supplier's website.

Level 2 Punch-out
A punch‐out supplier that has the capability to include their products in search results from “Shop at the Top”. Item details such as price and description are not displayed within eSHOP but can be viewed by clicking a link to the supplier’s website.

Internal catalogs are for suppliers located on UNL's campus. Purchases made from Internal Catalogs create a stock transfer in SAP. NOTE: Invoicing information will not be available for these purchases in eSHOP. Split funding is not available on internal catalog orders.

Non-Catalog Form
When ordering an item from a supplier without a catalog in eSHOP, you will fill out a non-catalog form. This form is similar to creating a Purchase Order in SAP.

Portal Supplier
Select non-catalog suppliers have electronic invoice processing, therefore paper invoices will not be sent for AP manual entry into eSHOP. The electronic portal invoices will be entered, matched, and marked as payable without the need for paper. View list of Portal Suppliers.