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Will all non-catalog orders route to Procurement Services?
All non-catalog orders over $1,000 will route to Procurement Services for approval by a Sourcing Specialist before the order is sent to the supplier.
How often are orders reviewed in eSHOP?
Sourcing Specialists are available 8am - 5pm Monday-Friday, and will be in eSHOP throughout the day to ensure orders will be processed in a timely manner.
What is best practice for handling overnight orders?
The order and approval timeframe depends on your departmental business practice. In eSHOP you have the option to select overnight shipping within your cart; additional charges may apply. Add an external note if given this option in eSHOP. Please call the supplier to confirm that the order has been received and will be shipped overnight.
How do I find my PO number for an eSHOP requisition?
When the requisition is processed and becomes a PO you will receive an email with the PO number listed in the subject line. Open the requisition and click on the History tab. The PO number is in the Field Name.
In SAP, will I be able to tell which orders came from eSHOP?
Yes, most transactions from eSHOP will have an “E” numbering scheme. Stock transfers, “ST” numbering scheme, are paid directly in SAP appearing as 43 POs and are entered by either UNL Software (Software Sales) or UNL Apple Sales (UNL Computer Store).
Will the correct GL be assigned to my order automatically?
No, the Requestor is responsible for entering/verifying the appropriate GL.
Will the Shopper know if an item is on backorder?
Each supplier has different capabilities. Many suppliers are able to send an email order confirmation.
Are we able to ship to multiple addresses for a cart?
Yes, eSHOP will create a separate order for each delivery address you enter in your cart.
Are we able to use multiple cost objects in a cart?
Yes, enter your split at the line level if using multiple cost objects. See Split Funding Guide.
What is the difference between a “Punch-Out” and “Hosted” catalog?
  • Hosted catalogs are maintained within eSHOP. Pricing is updated periodically.
  • Punch-Out catalogs are web based catalogs with live pricing. A user will “punch-outside” of eSHOP to the web based catalog and then bring their items back into eSHOP for ordering.


If the approver in my department is gone will the order be on hold until approved?
Identify at least 2 alternate approvers for extended/unexpected absences. Any Approver listed on a cost object has the ability to act on a cart order. For assistance with setting up Approvers, contact the Manager for Procurement Systems.
How is the funding for orders processed in eSHOP committed in SAP?
Once an order is approved and turns into a Purchase Order the information will be loaded into SAP as a commitment. The commitment will remain on the account until the invoice has been paid through eSHOP.
Can an approver create and approve an order?
No, eSHOP allows a user to only touch an order once.
What is the difference between a shopper and a requester?
  • A shopper can add items to a cart to be purchased, but then must assign the cart to a Requestor before it can be submitted.
  • A Requester can also add items to a cart to be purchased, but must enter information into all required fields before the order can be submitted (Cost Object, GL Account, Unloading Point, and Ship-To Address).
Can student workers have access into eSHOP?
Yes, student workers can be added as Shoppers. In order to be given access they must have either a unl.edu or huskers.edu email account.


Will I be notified when a Goods Receipt is needed?
Yes. Once an invoice has been entered in eSHOP an automated email message will be sent to the Shopper and Requestor.
When is a goods receipt required?
  • Enabled vendor POs over $5,000
  • All Science Catalog POs
  • All Non-Catalog Order Forms
Who can create a goods receipt?
  • Shoppers and Requestors can create a goods receipt.
  • eSHOP will allow individuals that did not do the original shopping or requesting to create a receipt.


Will I use my PCard for payments in eSHOP?
No, you will enter your department Cost Object (Cost Center or WBS Element) and a GL Account Code when creating your shopping cart. Payments are initiated when an invoice has been entered into eSHOP, matched to a goods receipt if required, and matched to the PO quantity and dollar amount.
I received an invoice with an eSHOP PO# (E00001234). Where should I send the invoice?
Highlight the PO number and send the original invoice to the appropriate department for processing (also see Entering Invoices):
What is the tolerance set for invoice variances from PO?
  • 25% or $100, whichever is less
  • No variance is accepted if a Quote number appears in the Quote field on the PO

Special Routing

What are Sensitive Items?
In eSHOP, sensitive items trigger the system to automatically notify or send an order for additional approvals. This may include capital equipment, radioactive or hazardous materials, lab animals, fire arms or ammunition, computer equipment, and more.
How do I get a capital equipment tag for my orders routed within eSHOP?
eSHOP will notify the UNL Inventory Specialist of the need for proper tagging. This notification will not delay the process of the order.


Who is SciQuest?
SciQuest is the provider of the University’s web based eProcurement system named eSHOP.