A Super User provides operational support for the UNL eSHOP system and can assist departmental users with questions and training, serving as a liaison between users, department leaders, and the eSHOP team.

Super Users Are Here To Help

A Super User has extensive knowledge of workflows and the eSHOP system. Super Users are often the “go-to” people in their departments and are committed to:

  • Providing basic system support to shoppers, requestors, and approvers
  • Guiding staff in making purchases in eSHOP a routine part of their day
  • Working with the eSHOP Team to identify and resolve workflow or application issues
  • Educating staff about upgrades and changes to system
  • Participating in testing new eSHOP functionality
  • Attending scheduled Super User meetings to provide department feedback on new functionality and system improvements
  • Providing feedback on users’ knowledge and skills to improve training and communication