July 20, 2016 Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday at 1:30pm

Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center - Ubuntu Rm 202

Nicole McCoid
Minutes Recorded By: 
Martha Young


  • Presentation: IT Procurement Software
  • Updates: System Upgrade 16.2
  • Communication: Announcements pending Super User Approval
  • Change Orders
  • Portal Suppliers
  • Forms: In Development & Test
  • Planning


Super User Attendees

  • Andrew Loseke
  • Ashley Bessmer
  • Breana Garretson
  • Connie Reed
  • Deb Dahlke
  • Erin Swanson
  • Gina Hotovy
  • Helen Borer
  • Jami Hagedorn
  • Jamie Long
  • Jay Schluckebier
  • Kendra Ellis
  • Lee Manns
  • Lori Bennett Baumli
  • Mary Klucas
  • Megan Haugerud
  • Nicole Blackstock
  • Robert Hahn
  • Rosalinda Ramirez
  • Susan Burbank
  • Susan Holsteen
  • Thomas Becker
  • Wanda Wood

Absent Super Users

  • Amy Stewart
  • Barbara Starks
  • Candy Bailey
  • Claire Schwinck
  • Derek Simonsen
  • Haley Hamel
  • Jie Li
  • Karen Standley
  • Kimberly Schaaf
  • Lori Kuker
  • Maggie Van Diest
  • Mary Ramsier
  • Patricia DeStefano
  • Rene Barfoot
  • Renee Hagerman
  • Rhonda Zugmier
  • Ruth Polacek
  • Sharon Burkel
  • Shelley Reed
  • Tamera Ward
  • Wendy Duerfeldt Schutte

Guest Attendees

  • Houcine Chraibi - Software Sourcing Specialist
  • Sue Cuddeback - Software Distribution & Asset Manager

Meeting Notes

Presentation: IT Procurement Software

  • Houcine Chraibi – Sourcing Specialist
    • 402-472-5880
    • chraibi@unl.edu
    • IT Procurement Website:  itprocurement@unl.edu
    • Sue Cuddeback – Software Distribution & Asset Manager
      • 402-472-4294
      • Sue.cuddeback@unl.edu
      • UNL Software Guide Provided
        • Can also be found on eSHOP Home page under eSHOP Resource links>Supplier Ordering Guides.


  • Two ways to purchase:
    • PCard
    • eSHOP
      • NOTE:  No returns, exchanges, cancellations or change cost object           
      • Why? Immediately charges accounts, once the license key is shared it cannot be given to someone else, affects the current inventory
      • Purchases over $25,000 are reviewed by CIO Mark Askren via IT Procurement. RFP process may be needed in some instances (see Purchasing Guide).
      • Workflow:  Firefly>eSHOP>UNL Software Catalog (Home Screen)> Place the order > Order received by Sue Cuddeback > Houcine Chraibi checks inventory within 24 hours > 2-3 days turn around.  They need the end user’s information and email address for the software license.


  • If user does not have access to eSHOP, use itprocurement.unl.edu
    • Lists all available software in latest version
    • Doesn’t list pricing although some software is free
    • Over 165 titles of software available
    • Form on website to add software titles
    • Current licenses – Microsoft, Adobe, SPSS (Compliance with licensing terms)


  • Questions:
    • Is the Adobe pricing the same?
      • Yes, IT Procurement is negotiating with them for the lowest price.  (This contract was renewed in September, please contact Houcine or Sue for details.)
  • My order was placed but I find that the wrong cost object was used.  Can I change the cost object?  
    • Once the order has processed, the cost object cannot be changed.  A journal entry is needed to correct the funding.  Also note, you cannot split fund purchases of software.
  • Less than $5,000, PCard track licenses (look at pcard manual) Foreign vendors go on pcard, customs – renewal pcard.  Does UNL Software process these?
    • A: ??? (Need info from Houcine/Sue) – not sure I am clear on what the question is here?



  • System Upgrade 16.2
    • Minimal changes to capability
      • Invoice/PO’s - able to re-assign to someone else. 
  • Changes within A/P functionality – not visible to end users.
  • Approver popup warning.  There is a fix in the works which allows capability to suppress warnings.
  • Blanket PO test went great.  There were some issues with credits being applied.  Another test for product (not including food) volunteers needed. 
  • Browser issues – We continue to have updates/upgrades made by the owner of the browser.  Users may need to re-allow popup blocker to work in eSHOP.



  • Announcements Pending Super User Approval
    • Super User Notification to Department
      • Request reporting from Nicole to view all users with eSHOP access in your department. 
      • When sending an email request, please include your ORG ID#’s.
  • Vendor Request Announcement
    • SAP updated to auto-route to AP for set up. 
    • Users need to enter Vendor Request Form for supplier to be vetted for eSHOP.
      • Buyers review:
        • supplier spend at UNL and UWide
        • new contract options
        • need for bidding
  • Survey Announcement
    • Will send results next week and provide feedback.
  • Release Survey
    • Which format should be used for flier to send to end users? Users selected clean one/black & white no color for printing/email.  Will provide to each Super User with personalization. 

Questions for A/P

  • What is AP’s process for entering invoices? 
  • Sometimes an ESHOP PO is left open because the invoice was entered as a direct pay.  Why is the invoice entered as a direct pay?
  • What is AP’s turn time for processing payments on invoices? 
  • How do we know if an invoice is paid in a timely fashion?
  • How does AP want to receive invoices; electronic or paper copy?
  • Why aren’t vendors verified in SAP like we do in ESHOP?


Questions for eSHOP

  • Why did ESHOP pay an invoice before a goods receipt was entered?   i.e. Supply Works.
    • If the requisition was less than $5,000, the cart does not require a receipt for select suppliers.  SupplyWorks, Office Depot, Fisher are a few examples.
  • What system to use?  SAP or eSHOP.  Purchasing Decision Tree was discussed.  Rob would like to see all suppliers going into eSHOP.  Difficult to train users because of two different ways to set up suppliers.
  • Would like to learn more about Strategic team.  How are Buyers looking at spend, SAP, hierarchy for suppliers?
  • Should a supplier be added to eSHOP if it is a one-time purchase?

Change Orders

  • All change orders should route through eSHOP as of October 15th. 
  • A generic announcement will be shared with Super Users for their dissemination to users


Portal Suppliers

  • Taking suggestions/requests for suppliers to add to eSHOP as a Portal Supplier.  Send your list to Nicole McCoid.


  • In Development & Test
    • Approver Assignment Form
      • If interested in testing, please email Nicole.  Step by step instructions will be provided. 
        • Initial volunteers for testing are: 
          • Rob Hahn
          • Helen Borer
          • Breanna Garretson
          • Tom Becker
  • Promotional Item Request Form
    • Form in creation phase. 
  • New forms in process there will be more to come.
    • ITS CPS Enrollment
    • ITS Apple Lease Form
    • ITS Apple Apps Form



  • End of September for the next meeting, we’ll send a doodle poll to determine the date and time.

Additional topics

  • Amazon – Super Users requested updates or discussion with responsible buyer.
  • America To Go – Super Users requested progress update.  Looking forward to learning more.  Would like to view presentation.
  • Discussion regarding combining training; ESHOP & SAP MM.  They may not want certain individuals to have access to SAP.