New eSHOP Website

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Announcing the New eSHOP Website!

Our new website has been updated, streamlined, and formatted to meet user needs.  Click here to view.

Take note of the new sections:  Gaining Access, Shopping, Super Users, Updates and Support. 

Under Shopping, the Purchasing Decision Tree has been automated to guide you to the best system for your order. 

Super Users are now listed along with their contact information, meeting minutes, and ongoing projects.  

System statistics, newsletters, and announcements are all linked to one page.  Users can bookmark the page and drill into details as needed.

Supplier Ordering Guides and Users Guides are listed within the website to truly give you one place to find all eSHOP related information.

With your feedback, we will continue to refine the eSHOP Website to provide you with current and helpful information.

Click here to send us your suggestions.